I stood
in the wave of
human bodies,
only looking
for a familiar face
in the crowd;
I think I saw you,
your colours
screaming to me
while everyone else
faded out
in monochrome

I blinked
and my head throbbed
Above the noise,
I heard
your laughter
staining the air
with colours
even though
the air was

I awoke
from my dream
to find myself
staring blankly at the
contrasting the
and glimmer
in my dreams

I walked
down the lane we used to
laugh on,
it slowly struck me
that everything is now
in colour
but only you
are monochrome


Note: Okay I’m not really sure when to use “monochrome” and “monochromatic”, and how to use “monochrome” in a sentence. Do I use “you are in monochrome or you areย monochrome“?ย Hahaha, I hope this is right! Please do comment and let me know, thanks so much xxx


All so surreal
Couldn’t grasp you but you were there

This feeling of sleepwalking
Releases me from the sweetest sins

I can’t get up
Don’t wake me up

It’s morphing into reality
All feels so numb

Exhausted from the ashes I cling onto
Don’t wake me up

Cannot replace this pain
I’m glad to see you again.


Collections of fantasies
Thousands of pages she had flipped
She ingested words they all skipped
And gave them one last kiss

Cups of water stood
Splashes of life on the plate
She splattered thoughts over the canvas
Like she always would

Lush beauty of the serenity
Overpowered pulls to the feral
She preferred breeding her own identity
Than dance to dead thoughts and voices

Seek solace in her world
Devoid of emotions in others
After all, loud bass and bright lights
Only highlighted the loneliest souls

But some days she strayed
They were too loud – the noises in her head
The desire to escape –
It screamed, it ached
It shuts the windows to creations
It tears her limits to shreds

He said, if it’s true
You will always find your way back
And so she did
Taming the dark void that broke loose
To herself she was honest
An embrace for the solace